Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

4.1 Personal Hazards
For details on danger to personnel, see 
Part 1: Facsimile, Chapter 1: 5.SAFETY &
4.2 General Cautions
4.2.1 Connecting the interface cable
a) Electrostatic discharge
To protect the interface circuit from electrostatic discharge damage when connecting the
interface cable, never touch the parallel interface connector terminals.
b) Rush current
To protect the interface circuit from rush current damage when connecting or
disconnecting the interface cable, make sure that the computer power is off and the fax
outlet is pulled out to turn the power off.
4.2.2 Data lost when power cord is pulled out
When the power cord is pulled out, following data will be lost:
• Downloaded font image in the DRAM.
• Current print data in the DRAM (receive/print buffer).
• Current printer settings by application software.
4.2.3 Data reset
When this fax is reset by service data #8 CLEAR, the BJ printer settings will be changed to
the default settings.
For detailed information about service data #8 CLEAR, see 
Part 1: Facsimile,
Chapter 3: 5.2 Service Data Setting on page 3-33
Part 2: Printer