Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

2.4 Printing
The printer prints the fonts horizontally, and feeds the paper vertically.
The printing design of the fonts are written into the font ROM*, and is usually made up of
360 dpi; 48 nozzles 
36 dots
× 2
lines.  Nozzles 49 to 60 and 113 to 124 are for spacing to next
line, and for IBM block graphic character printing.  Nozzles 61 to 64 and 125 to 128 are not
used in printer mode**.
The default character pitch in the horizontal direction is 10 cpi (characters per inch).  The
default line feed pitch in the vertical direction is 1/6 inch line feed (6 lpi).
*As Microsoft Windows® or Windows 95® creates the font image data in the computer, and
then transmits them, the font image data in the Control/CG ROM cannot be used.
**Because there is no larger than 1/6 inch line feeding in the printer mode.  In the facsimile
mode, all 128-nozzles are used for printing.
Part 2: Printer
Character pitch
Line feed pitch
ex. 1/6" , 1/8" , .....
Ejected ink
Paper feeding direction
Printing direction
ex. This picture shows that printing
      character from left to right.
1/6" line feed
Nozzle number
Character area
1/360"  X 48 = 0.8/6"
1/360"  X 12 = 0.2/6"
Line space area or
Graphic character area
Unused area
HQ mode, 10cpi, 1/6" line feed,
Character "A"
ex. 10 cpi = 10 character per inch
Figure 2-3 Character Printing