Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

2.10 Bi-Centronics Interface
The Bi-Centronics interface is supported to maintain upward compatibility with the
conventional Centronics interface and implement bi-directional communication.
MultiPASS C3000 supports three interface modes: Compatibility, Nibble and ECP modes
which conform to IEEE-P1284 D2.00 Sep. 10, 1993.
2.10.1 Functions
a) Centronics uni-directional Interface (Compatibility mode)
If the facsimile is used as a printer for an MS-DOS application, select #6 DOS PRINTING
menu so that the facsimile switches to the printer mode and the Centronics interface is
available for uni-directional printing.
By default, it works with IBM Proprinter X24E (BJ mode) compatible machines, but can
be configured to work with Epson LQ-2550 compatible machines, by BJ Setup Utility
b) Bi-Centronics Interface (Nibble mode)
If the printer mode is off, the Bi-Centronics interface is selected and the functions
mentioned below can be used with the MultiPASS Desktop manager software under MS-
Windows or Windows 95.
(1) Sending
Data from the computer can be sent by facsimile.
(2) Receiving
Received facsimile data can be sent to the computer.
(3) Scanning
Documents can be scanned into the computer.
(4) Telephone dialing
Telephone dialing from the computer.
(5) Printing
Data from the computer can be printed by facsimile.
If printing is performed under MS-Windows® or Windows 95®, set #6 DOS PRINTING
menu to OFF.
The facsimile is switched to the printer mode and printing is started by sending
commands from the printer driver instead of using the #6 DOS PRINTING. The printer
mode is canceled after printing.
When the 
is displayed, the user cannot carry out some
operations (such as registration, manual transmission and reception).
When operating from an MS-Windows® or Windows 95® application, if #6
DOS PRINTING is ON, a warning flashes on screen, every few seconds.
For details of the MultiPASS utility, see 
the Desktop manager for Windows
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