Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

5.3.2 Hexadecimal dump print
You can set the printer so that it prints the hexadecimal code data.  Then, when the printer
receives print data from the computer, it converts and prints in the hexadecimal code.
You only need to set this function if you decode the print data from an application program
that does not send the print data correctly.
In this mode, each byte of data from the computer is printed as hexadecimal data in units of
16 bytes per line.  Remaining data less than one line long are printed when the printer
mode is finished. 
In order to output the hexadecimal dump print, you have to change the service data switch
settings in facsimile mode.  In Service data  –  #7 PRINTER – 5. HEX DUMP MODE, select
Yes = (*), then, when printer mode is entered, by selecting #6 DOS PRINTING with the
, a hexadecimal dump print is output.
To stop the hexadecimal dump print select the #6 DOS PRINTING again, and go back to
facsimile mode, and select #7 PRINTER – 5. HEX. DUMP MODE No = (#).  Then, when you
return to the printer mode, normal printing is resumed.
Part 2: Printer
Hexadecimal dump test print
Print data contents
Figure 3-1 Hexadecimal Dump Print (Sample)