Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

Part 1: Facsimile
BC-22 Photo Color BJ Cartridge
Includes the print head and color ink in a
single unit. Use this cartridge for printing
photo-realistic color images.
The C3000 cannot print incoming faxes or make copies while the BC-22
cartridge is installed. This is an ink-saving feature: because the BC-22 is
a single unit (and does not have ink tanks that can be replaced
separately), using it to print faxes will use the black ink faster, using up
the cartridge while it still has a considerable amount of color ink
SB-21 BJ Cartridge Container
Use the SB-21 to store an extra BJ cartridge
in a convenient location, while keeping it
from drying out.
Your C3000 unit comes with a BC-21 Color BJ Cartridge (which
incorporates the BCI-21 Black and BCI-21 Color ink tanks) and an
additional BCI-21 Black ink tank. When you run out of ink, or if you
wish to use any other Canon BJ cartridges mentioned above, you can
purchase them from a Canon Official Dealer.
Figure 1-9 Consumables (2)