Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

5.1.1 Electrical shock
Electrical shock hazard
•To prevent electrical shock, be sure to disconnect the power cord and modular
jack before disassembly.
•Remove grounding wrist straps before servicing this unit while the FAX’s
power is on.  Otherwise, electrical shock may occur.
Power supply unit
When power is supplied to this unit, 120 VAC will be supplied to the primary
Telephone line
If a telephone line is connected to this unit, 48 VDC will be supplied by this
line.  When a call signal is received, a voltage of 90 VAC Vrms will be
5.1.2 High-temperature parts
High-temperature warning
To prevent skin burns, disconnect the power cord and let this unit stand for
at least 10 minutes to allow hot parts to cool.
How to treat burns
Heat of about 122°F or more causes burns.  Also, the longer the contact, the
more severe the burn.
When treating a burn, the first minute after receiving the burn is the most
important.  Cool the burn immediately with cold running water.  In case of a
serious burn, seek medical attention immediately.
The parts which get hot during operation are indicated.  For the location of
these parts, refer to the figures.
(Ambient temperature 95°F (35°C) continuous copy operation)
Document feed motor (approx. ~ 113.9°F (45.5°C))
Paper feed motor (approx. ~ 132°F (55.6°C))
Carriage motor (approx. ~ 145.2°F (62.9°C))
Power supply unit (Max. ~ 185°F (85.2°C))
PCNT board assembly (approx. ~ 173.1°F (78.4°C))
BJ cartridge (max. ~ 212°F (100°C))
Part 1: Facsimile