Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

5.1.3 Fire hazards
Do not dispose in fire.
Do not dispose of lithium batteries in fire.  Doing so may rupture the battery
and expose flammable materials.
Follow applicable local regulations when disposing of the the SCNT board
assembly’s lithium battery.
Fire hazard
When using IPA or other solvents during servicing, heat or sparks from
internal electronic circuits can ignite the solvent.  Before using such solvents,
be sure to turn off the power source and wait until the high-temperature
parts cool.  Use the solvent in a well-ventilated area.
5.1.4 Moving parts
Moving parts
To prevent mishaps due to moving or rotating parts during servicing, be sure
to disconnect the power cord before disassembly.
Since the this unit does not have a sensor on the printer cover, the carriage
and rollers will not stop even if the printer cover is opened during a printing
operation.  If the printer cover must be opened during printing, beware of the
moving parts.
Figure 1-14
shows the driving section's location.
5.1.5 Preventing ink stains
Avoid touching the BJ cartridge ink nozzles, ink pad, head cap, head wiper, and ink
absorbers.  The ink can stain your hands, clothes, etc.  Although the ink is water soluble, it
is permanent and will permanently stain clothing, etc.
Although the ink is not toxic, it contains an organic solvent (isopropyl alcohol
67-63-0).  If the ink enters the eyes accidentally, flush the eyes with running
water and see a doctor.  If the ink is swallowed accidentally, see a doctor
immediately and give the information printed on the BJ cartridge label.
Chapter 1: General Description