Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

Chapter 1: General Description
Choosing a Location for Your C3000
Before unpacking your C3000, follow these guidelines to choose the best
location for it.
Please review the information provided in “Safety Instructions”, to
make sure you are installing your C3000 for safe use.
Put the C3000 in a cool, dry, clean, well ventilated place:
Make sure the area is free from dust.
Make sure the location is not affected by extreme temperature
changes, and always stays between 50° and 90.5°F (10° and
Make sure the area’s relative humidity is always between 10%
and 90%.
Keep the C3000 away from direct sunlight.
If possible, put the C3000 near an existing telephone outlet, to avoid
the expense of installing a new one.
Place the C3000 near an electrical wall outlet that accepts a three-
prong, grounded plug, and that provides 120-volt AC (60 Hz)
power. (This is standard for U.S. outlets; if you have any doubts,
contact an electrician to check the power for you.)
Place the C3000 near the PC you will be connecting it to. Make sure
you can reach it easily, as you will be using it as a printer, fax
machine, copier, scanner, and telephone.
Do not plug the C3000 into the same circuit as an appliance such as
an air conditioner, electric typewriter, television, or copier. Such
devices generate electrical noise that can interfere with your C3000’s
ability to send or receive faxes.
Set the C3000 on a flat, stable, vibration-free surface that is strong
enough to carry its weight (about 13 lbs/6.0 kg).
Make sure the location you choose provides enough space around
the C3000 for adequate ventilation, and to allow paper to flow freely
into and out of the unit. The figure below shows the minimum space
required for the unit.