Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

5.2.2 BJ cartridge cautions
a) General cautions
Chapter 1: General Description
Guidelines for Using and Maintaining BJ Cartridges
The most important thing you can do to ensure the best possible print
quality, as well as extend the life of your C3000, is to take care of the
C3000’s BJ cartridges following these guidelines:
Store cartridges at room temperature.
Keep cartridges in their sealed containers until you are ready to use
Install the cartridge immediately after removing its print head cap
and protective tape.
Always use the cartridge within one year of unpacking it.
When changing cartridges, always store the unused cartridge in the
SB-21 BJ cartridge container that comes with the C3000.
Do not remove the cartridge from the C3000 unless necessary.
The ink in the BJ cartridges is difficult to clean up if spilled. To avoid
spilling ink, always be sure to follow these precautions when handling
the cartridges:
• Do not attempt to disassemble or refill the cartridge.
• Do not shake or drop the cartridge, or tip the print head downward.
• Keep BJ cartridges out of children’s reach.