Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

Chapter 1: General Description
In addition:
If you are using the BC-21 Color BJ cartridge and your output is
blank, one of the ink tanks is probably empty and needs to be
replaced. Print the NOZZLE CHECK test pattern to check whether
the BJ cartridge needs replacing or not.
If the message CHANGE CARTRIDGE appears in the LCD display,
the BJ cartridge may have run out of ink. This message also appears
if the C3000 has to store a fax in its memory because the cartridge is
out of ink.
If this message appears, do the following:
Press START/COPY to print any faxes in memory.
If the printout appears normal, you do not need to replace
the BJ cartridge. (Sometimes cleaning the print head or re-
installing the cartridge will clear up the problem.)
If the print is light or shows gaps, go to step 2.
If there was no fax in memory, or if the fax’s print was light,
blank, or showed gaps, print or copy a document to make sure
the problem is not with the machine that sent the fax.
If the document is light, blank, or shows gaps, clean the printing
area. If this doesn’t work, replace the cartridge.
Although Canon makes numerous BJ cartridges, the BC-21 Color BJ
cartridge, the BC-20 Black BJ cartridge, and the BC-22 Color Photo BJ
cartridge are designed specifically for Canon’s color BJ printers, and are
the only ones Canon recommends.
Also, the BCI-21 Color and BCI-21 Black ink tanks are designed
specifically for the BC-21 Color BJ cartridge, and are the only ones
Canon recommends for the BC-21.