Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

c) Protecting the ink nozzles
Do not touch or wipe the ink nozzles with tissue paper, etc.  Doing so can clog the nozzles.
If the head cap and protective tape have been removed and the BJ cartridge is not to be
installed immediately, store the cartridge properly to prevent the nozzles from drying out
and clogging.
Do not disassemble the BJ cartridge.  Also, the BJ cartridge contains electronic circuitry.
Do not wash it with water.
d) Ink conductivity
The BJ cartridge ink can conduct electricity.  If ink has leaked onto any mechanical parts,
wipe off with a damp paper towel.  If ink has leaked onto the circuit board, use tissue
paper and carefully wipe off the ink completely even at the base of the IC chips.
Never turn on the power while ink still remains on the circuit board.  Doing
so may damage the circuits.
Part 1: Facsimile
Black BJ Cartridge
Color BJ Cartridge
Joint Pipe
Ink Inlet
Ink Inlet
Joint Pipe
Color Ink Cartridge
Black Ink Cartridge
Photo BJ Cartridge
Figure 1-16 Ink Path Cartridge