Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

a) General precautions
Head gap
The head gap is the distance between the BJ head and the platen. It has been factory-
adjusted.  If the carriage guide frame fastened to the printer frame is repositioned, the
head gap must be adjusted.  This may affect the printing quality.
If the printing quality has degraded due to a change in the head gap, see
Chapter 3: 3.3 Head Gap Adjustment on Page 3-10
to adjust the head gap.
Lubrication points
Do not touch the greased parts of the carriage guide frame, carriage shaft, idler roller
and some parts.  Doing so will wipe off the grease which has been applied for the smooth
operation of the printer unit.
Do not apply grease to any unspecified parts and surfaces.  If grease is on
the purge section’s rubber cap or the wiping assembly’s blade, it may cause
the BJ cartridge’s nozzles to clog, rendering the BJ cartridge unusable.
Also, do not use any grease other than the specified type.  Using a different
type of grease may dissolve or deform plastic parts.
If you accidentally touch a greased surface, reapply the grease.  See the
(provided separately).
During servicing, be careful not to damage or deform the spur assembly’s spur tips.  If the
spur tips are deformed, the area of the paper coming into contact after the printing increases,
causing vertical black stripes on the paper.
Carriage ribbon cable assembly
Do not pull or bend the carriage ribbon cable more than is necessary.  Doing so may
disrupt the cable’s continuity and prevent the printing signals to be sent properly to the
Power off during printing
During servicing, do not disconnect the power cord during a printing operation or while
the cartridge is being replaced.  Otherwise, the cartridge will stop at a position where
the ink nozzles cannot be protected by the rubber cap.  The ink may then dry and clog
the nozzles.  During servicing, be sure the cartridge is properly positioned for nozzle
Chapter 1: General Description