Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

(C) Replacing the PCNT board
The PCNT board stores the absorption amount of waste ink absorber and vertical
alignment data. Therefore, when replacing the PCNT board, print out the absorption
amount data and then enter this data into the new PCNT board, and then adjust vertical
5.3.6 Opening the upper cover
How to open the upper cover
Unless the correct procedure is followed when removing the upper cover ,
the outer covers may be damaged, and the plastic claws may be broken.
Be sure to use the correct tools for the job.  If any of the outer covers are
damaged during the work, they must be replaced with new ones.
To remove the upper cover, prise loose the four tabs, using the tip of the recommended tool.
When loosing these tabs, be careful of the following points.
• Use a tool whose diameter is less than that of the holes. (hole: 3mm ✕ 1.5mm)
Using larger diameter tools may damage the surface around the holes.
• Be careful not to cause any damage around the holes.
• Do not insert the tool any further than 8mm, otherwise the claws may be damaged.
•When loosing the claws, press down on the upper cover, insert the tool, and when the claw
is loose, raise the upper cover.  The tabs will be difficult to remove if the cover is lifted up
The cover opener (round-tip screwdriver) has been set as a special tool, but
any precision screwdriver with a tip diameter of 1.5 mm or less would do
instead.  If using a substitute, be careful not to scratch any surfaces.
Chapter 1: General Description
Cover opener (HY9-0021)
Figure 1-20 Opening the upper cover