Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

5.4 Data-related precautions
The memory IC on the circuit board stores the user’s registration data and values for various
counters, etc., required for servicing.  Although this data is normally retained in memory, it
can be deleted by mistake.  When handling this data during servicing, note the following
PC registration function
Using the MultiPASS Desktop Manager that comes with this product, the
user setting items stored in the SRAM can be reprogrammed.  The contents
of these items are stored as necessary in the settings files in the PC, and at
the same time are rewritten into the user setting items in the SRAM, via bi-
centronics interface.  This function means that, when replacing the lithium
battery, or performing repairs that normally entail the loss of data, if the
user's PC contains valid settings files, there is no need to reenter user
managed data.  Refer to the MultiPASS Desktop Manager User's Guide for
details of this function. However, please note that service data are not
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Lithium battery
SCNT board
PCNT board
Figure 1-21 Memory IC and Backed up Devices