Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

5.4.1 Data in the image storage memory (DRAM)
DRAM stores image data which was read other than by a direct transmission.  It also acts
as a buffer memory to store the image data received.  If power is turned off, the memory
clear list is printed automatically the next time the power is turned on.  The user is thereby
notified of the images that were erased from memory.
Reception image data
This product is not equipped with image data backup, so that if the power
supply is cut, data in memory reception will be lost.
When image data are set to be printed, they will be stored in the DRAM as
memory reception images, and "
" will be displayed.
This product does not have a memory reception image transfer capability.
If printing is disabled due to a fault in the printing section, check the
Memory Clear List, after turning off the power to repair the fault, and
request the other party to retransmit the message.
If the setting is for the received image data to be transferred to PC, instead
of being printed, the data will be saved as a file in the DRAM, and
" will be displayed.  To print the contents from the main
unit only, select 
with the numeric keys. If printing is disabled
due to a fault in the printing section, connect to the PC, and start up
MultiPASS Desktop Manager.  The file will be exported to the PC, and the
contents can be verified on the PC display and saved.
Chapter 1: General Description