Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

5.4.4 SCNT board replacement precautions
Before replacing the SCNT board, print out all of the stored data.
The reports which output the data that must be entered into the new SCNT board is listed
User report
One-touch speed dialing list
Coded speed dialing list
Group dialing list
User data list
Send/Receive Activity report
Service report
System data list
System dump list
To printout these reports, see 
Chapter 3: 7. SERVICE REPORT on Page 3-57
To PC registration function, see 
Page 1-46
The serviceable SCNT board does not have a jumper plug.  This is to prevent
the lithium battery power from draining.  Use the jumper plug on the old
SCNT board.
After the new SCNT board is installed and the power is turned on, 
will be displayed.  Press the 
key to discard the
SRAM’s irregular contents and initialize it to the factory defaults.
Refer to 
Chapter 3: 3. ADJUSTMENT on Page 3-6
to enter the shading data
and to adjust the vertical line alignment.
Then refer to the report that was printed out beforehand and enter the
various data.
Chapter 1: General Description