Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

5.5 Protective Mechanism
5.5.1 Data battery backup function
If there is a power outage or if the power is turned off, the data stored in the control
memory is retained since the lithium battery function as a data battery backup.
For details on the backed up data, see 
Chapter 1: 5.4 Data related precautions
on Page 1-46
5.5.2 BJ cartridge maintenance features
a) Cleaning
To maintain high printing quality, the fax unit has a cleaning feature that wipes off dust
from the BJ cartridge nozzles with a head wiper and fills the nozzles with fresh ink.
b) Nozzle capping
The fax unit caps the BJ cartridge nozzles with the Capping section cap after the carriage
returns to the front of the Capping section on the right side.  This protects the nozzles
from dust and prevents the ink from drying out or leaking.
c) Maintenance jet
The fax unit has a maintenance jet feature which purges ink from all the ink cartridge
nozzles to the purge unit.  This prevents the nozzles from clogging and ensures high
printing quality.
Chapter 1: General Description