Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

The electrical section is composed of the following: the SCNT board, which performs system
control; the NCU board, which is the interface with the telephone circuit; PCNT board; which
performs BJ printer control; the power supply unit; and the OPCNT board, which detects key
operations and displays status information.  There are also 6 sensors to detect system status.
Part 1: Facsimile
Paper edge sensor:
Detects the state of paper
feeding and delivery.
Pickup roller sensor:
Detects the state of
pickup roller.
Home position sensor:
Detects the carriage position
and purge unit status.
Document sensor:
Detects whether or not
a document is set.
Document edge sensor:
Detects the trailing edge
of the document.
Ink detect sensor:
Detects ink fired from the
BJ head,in order to
detect when the BJ cartridge
runs out of ink.
OPCNT board
Power supply unit
PCNT board
SCNT board
NCU board
Figure 2-2 Electrical System Layout