Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

Names and Functions of Parts
1. Paper Guide
When properly adjusted to the width of the documents, the guide will hold the documents
in the horizontal direction to prevent them from skewing when fed.
2. Document Sensor (DS)
This sensor uses an actuator to detect the presence of documents to be scan, and sends that
information to the SCNT board by way of the gate array in the operation panel unit.
3. Separation Guide
Separates the documents to prevent double feeding.
4. Separation Roller
Takes documents which were separated at point ①, and delivers them, one sheet at a time,
to the Contact Sensor.
5. Document Edge Sensor (DES)
Using an actuator, the DES detects the edge of a document just before the Contact Sensor,
and sends this information on to the SCNT board.
6. Contact Sensor
See Page 2-6.
Scans the image information from the document, converts it to serial data, and transmits it
to the SCNT board as an electrical signal.
7. Springs
Force the Contact Sensor upwards to press the document closely between the Contact
Sensor and Document Feed Roller.
8. Document Feed Roller
Delivers and ejects the documents, keeping it pressed closely against the glass surface of
the Contact Sensor so that it can be scanned clearly.
9. Static Eliminator brush
Removes static electricity which may have built up on the document in the scanning
process, and guards against roller jams.
10. Transmission roller
The document feed roller revolution is transferred to the document eject roller.
11. Document eject rollers
The paper carried from the document feed roller is ejected into the recording paper tray.
These rollers are driven by the transmission roller.
12. Document pinch roller
Holds the document between the document eject rollers, and then ejects it.
Fundamentals of document separation
The separation of documents is accomplished by the difference in friction
coefficients at point ① in 
Figure 2-4
.  The relationship between the friction
coefficients is given by the equation.
(friction coefficient between the original and the separation roller) > (friction
coefficient between the original and the friction pad) > (friction coefficient
between the originals)
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