Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

Names and functions of parts:
1. Paper guide
The paper guide which slide manually is fixed align with the left side of the paper, to
prevent skew.
2. Lifting Plate
This plate moves upwards by the force of the springs and the release cam mechanism,
lifting the paper stack until it touches the Pickup Roller.  After separation, it moves back
down to its original position.
3. Pickup roller
See Page 2-10.
The pickup roller has a semi circular roller.  This roller is rotated once, and sends the paper
once sheet at a time, as a result of corresponding operation with the lifting plate.
4. Pickup Roller Sensor (PRS)
This sensor monitors the initial position of the Pickup Roller position.
5. Paper Separator
See Page 2-11.
The paper separator catches the corner of the recording paper or envelope, and holds the
extra paper back.
6. Paper Edge Sensor (PES)
This sensor monitors the paper feed state, and detects jams and misfeeds.
7. Paper Feed Roller
See Page 2-10.
The Paper Feed Roller transports paper, which has been picked up by the automatic sheet
feeder, to the printing position in the Printer Section.  It then feeds the paper one line at a
time, in coordination with the carriage movement.
8. Paper Feed Motor
See Page 2-10.
The Paper Feed Motor drive the paper supply mechanism and purge unit.
9. Transmission Roller
The transmission roller transmits the driving force of the paper feed roller to the paper
eject roller.
10. Paper Eject Roller
A roller used to eject the paper.
11. Spur
This spur is used to transport the printed paper properly, without damaging its printed
surface.  It is shaped so as to make it difficult for ink to stick to it.
12. Cleaner Roller
A roller which cleans the spur when dirtied with ink.
Chapter 2: Technical Reference