Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

Paper Separation Mechanism (Automatic feed / Manual feed)
This model has no paper selection lever on the automatic sheet feeder.
If the paper meets specifications, it can be fed without selecting operation the
paper type.
The paper is loaded in the auto sheet feeder such that a corner of it is caught by
the paper separator.  When printing starts, the pick-up roller starts to rotate
through the drive of the paper feed motor.  Plain paper is fed with its corner
held by the paper separator, and then pushed into the paper feed section.
When printing on thick paper like envelopes, as the paper is stiffer than the
return force of the paper separator’s spring, the paper separator is pressed
down to feed the paper.
Initial position of the pick-up roller is detected when the flag is sensed by the
pick-up roller sensor on the PCNT board.
When the paper is sensed by the paper edge sensor for over a second, it is fed
automatically until it reaches the starting position for printing.
If the paper is not sensed even when the paper pick-up operation is executed, it
is executed again.  If the paper is still not sensed, it is assessed as a paper feed
When manual feeding, set the paper in the manual feeding slot until it reaches
the position where the paper edge sensor detects the paper.
Paper pushed into the paper feed section is fed to the starting position for
printing after it has been sensed by the paper sensor for over a second.
At this time, the paper passes through a different paper path from that of the
cut sheet feeder.  This makes it possible to give priority to manually fed paper,
even when paper is loaded in the cut sheet feeder.
Chapter 2: Technical Reference
<Thick paper pick up.>
<Plain paper pick up.>
Pick-up Roller
Paper Separater
Figure 2-8 Paper Separation Mechanism