Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

Names and functions of parts
1. Home Position Sensor (HPS)
See Page 2-15.
This sensor detects the home position edge and carriage position.  Also, at the capping
position, the on/off of purge sensor flag during the pump operation is detected.
2. Carriage Motor
This is a stepping/pulse type motor, which is controlled with pulse width modulation.  It
moves the carriage by belt drive.
3. BJ Cartridge
See Page 2-20.
4. Carriage
Driven by the carriage motor, the carriage moves horizontally across the paper.  Through
the carriage ribbon cable, the printing signals from the logic board are transmitted to the
BJ cartridge in the carriage.
By controlling the purge unit’s slide lock pin, the carriage controls the engagement of the
paper feed motor’s drive power between the paper feed/purge unit and the sheet feeder.
5. Paper thickness adjustment lever
Adjust the gap between the print head and paper according to the thickness of the paper.
6. Purge unit
See Page 2-15.
In order to maintain the BJ cartridge’s high print quality, the BJ cartridge’s nozzles and
spray orifices are cleaned by a wiper and pump.  When in standby mode, the BJ cartridge’s
spray orifice section is covered by a rubber cap to prevent the nozzles from drying out and
ink from leaking.
The purge unit controls the swing gear. This gear switches power from the paper feed motor
for separation of the paper, paper feed and nozzle cleaning.
7. Ink Detection Sensor
See Page 2-18.
Ink is ejected directly over the optical axis of a pass-type photosensor, which detects the
change in light intensity to determine whether or not ink is being ejected.
8. Waste ink absorbers
Absorb waste ink from cleaning or ink empty detection.
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