Canon multipass c3000 Service Manual (en)

Waste Ink Absorbers
This model has a single ink absorber which absorbs waste ink as follows.
• Suction waste ink
Waste ink sucked from the cap
• Maintenance jet waste ink
Waste ink from the test firing used to adjust the nozzle condition
• Ink detection waste ink
Waste ink fired to detect the presence of remaining ink during fax receipt
The amount of ink absorbed is counted as a total of all of these.  When the
counted absorption levels reach 100%, the 
message (error
code ##342) will be displayed, and printing will stop to allow the absorber to be
changed.  To clear the error, it is necessary to replace the absorbers and to reset
the waste ink absorption level counts.  If there is no other error at this time,
any image in the memory will be output automatically.  The waste ink absorber
should be replaced after this.  For the method of resetting the waste ink
absorption level counts, see 
Page 1-49.
Chapter 2: Technical Reference