Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Installing the Software and USB Driver
Attach the camera to the computer with the 
interface cable and set it to the correct mode 
for connecting.
The USB driver will automatically finish installing onto the computer when you attach the 
camera and open a connection. Dialogs similar to the following ones will appear during 
this process (first connection only).
Windows XP 
The dialog on the right will appear after a 
few moments and the USB driver supplied 
with the Windows operating system will 
automatically install.
Windows 2000/Windows Me/Windows 98 
A window such as the Add New Hardware Wizard will appear after a moment.
Restart the computer according to the instructions if you are prompted to do so by a 
A dialog allowing you to set the default settings will display after installation. See Using 
the Software on the Windows Platform 
 The Basics (p. 15) for the subsequent 
This concludes the software and USB driver installation and the procedures for connecting the 
camera to the computer.
You may now download camera images to the computer (p. 15). 
Procedures for attaching the camera to the computer and placing it in 
the correct mode for connecting vary between camera models. See 
Information about Your Camera (p. 92). 
• See USB driver installation not proceeding well in the Troubleshooting
section (p. 83) if you are having problems installing the USB driver.
• See Uninstalling the USB Driver (p. 79) to delete the USB driver installed 
with these procedures.
• See If You Were Using ZoomBrowser EX Version 2 or 3 (p. 91) if you 
were previously using either version.