Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Downloading Images to the Computer
Download the images.
Use the computer or camera to download 
images described as follows.
The window may appear slightly different 
with some camera models.
You can confirm information such as the 
destination folder for images.
Perform the following settings the first time you connect the camera to the 
These procedures are not required from the second time onward.
1. Select [Canon CameraWindow] when 
a dialog (Events dialog) similar to that 
on the right displays and click [OK].
Your camera model name or "Canon 
Camera" will appear here.
If the Events dialog fails to display, click the [Start] menu and select 
[Programs] or [All Programs], followed by [Canon Utilities], 
[CameraWindow], and [CameraWindow Set Auto-Launch]. Proceed to 
Step 2.
A dialog allowing you to select the camera model will display if a 
camera and a memory card reader are connected at the same time. 
Confirm that your model name or “Canon Camera” is displayed and 
click [OK].
2. Click [Set].
You must repeat Steps 1 and 2 above 
the next time you connect when you 
select the Don’t Set option.