Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Using the Computer to Download Images
Click [Start Image Download].
Using the Camera to Download Images (Direct Transfer Function)
Set the Direct Transfer settings with the 
The camera images download to the computer. The downloaded images are saved into 
folders according to the shooting date.
When downloading is complete, the 
thumbnails (tiny versions) of the 
downloaded images display in 
ZoomBrowser EX’s main window. 
Next, print out the images (p. 19). 
All the images that have not yet been downloaded will download 
according to the default setting.
If your camera supports the Direct Transfer function, the Print/Share 
button (
) will light up, and a Direct Transfer menu like that shown 
below will appear on the LCD monitor. See Information about Your 
 (p. 92) to confirm whether your camera model supports the 
Direct Transfer function.
Since sound memos cannot be downloaded using a camera operation, 
click [Download images to computer] to download sound memos.
• See the Camera User Guide for instructions regarding Direct Transfer 
settings and procedures. 
• You cannot use the camera’s Print/Share button to download when it is 
not lighted.