Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Printing Images
Place a check mark beside the data you 
wish to include with the print (multiple 
selections are possible) and click 
For example, you can print the shooting date 
and time with the image if you select [Date 
and Time] here.
PhotoRecord will start, displaying the 
selected image and the information 
selected in Step 3 in the Album window.
In addition, the steps that will take you 
through the printing process will display on 
the left side. Follow the steps in order to 
The next steps differ according to whether you select Full Page Print (one image per page) 
or Layout and Print (multiple images arranged on one page).
To add a comment to an image, select it in ZoomBrowser EX and click 
Album Window
The selected images display 
The printing procedures display here.