Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Click [4 Print], confirm the number of 
copies and other printing settings, and 
click [Print]. 
This will initiate printing. 
To close PhotoRecord after printing is complete, click 
. Click [Yes] to save the album or [No] 
to close it without saving. The ZoomBrowser EX window will reappear when the save 
procedure is complete.
This chapter explained the ZoomBrowser EX basics. Once you have mastered them, read 
the following chapter to try the advanced techniques.
Using the Software on the Windows Platform 
 Advanced Techniques (p. 24). 
• The [Themes] category provides consistent designs for use throughout 
an entire album.
•You can also click [Add Titles & Captions] to add text as a title or caption. 
Printing a Contact Sheet
If you click [Print] in the main window (p. 19) and select [Contact Sheet Print] instead 
of [Layout Print], you can print image thumbnails along with the Exif data* (shooting 
*  There is a difference between the shooting information shown in ZoomBrowser EX 
and the Exif information that can be printed with PhotoRecord.
• A PDF-format manual for ZoomBrowser EX is also available. It provides 
further information about the program's features and procedures. See 
Using the PDF Manuals (p. 2).