Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Using the Software on the Windows 
Platform – Advanced Techniques
This chapter explains various ZoomBrowser EX features, such as how to play movies and create 
panoramic images.
Proceed to this chapter once you have mastered the basic ZoomBrowser EX procedures in the 
Using the Software on the Windows Platform 
 The Basics chapter.
The ZoomBrowser EX Windows
ZoomBrowser EX has two windows: the Main Window and the Camera Window.
Main Window
This window can be used for more than just organizing downloaded images. For example, you 
can use it to print images or attach them to e-mail messages.
Folders Area
You can view folder contents here just like in 
Windows Explorer.
Task Buttons
These buttons select 
the task to carry out.
Browser Area 
Displays the images contained in the folder 
selected in the Folders Area. Double-clicking an 
image shows it at a larger size.
Function Buttons
These buttons apply functions to images 
selected in the Browser Area.