Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Other Features 
Changing the File Saving Method
Click the [File] menu in the RemoteCapture Task window and select [Preferences].
Select a file settings option and click 
Sets whether images are saved only to the 
computer or to both the computer and the 
memory card in the camera.
Input a root name for the image files here. If 
you input “Capture”, for example, the first 
image will be named [Capture_00001.JPG] 
and successive images will automatically be 
assigned a name that is one number higher 
than the last. You can also change the 
number of digits and the starting number.
The recorded images are saved to this folder. 
Displaying the Subject in the Camera's LCD Monitor
You can view the subject you are shooting in the camera’s LCD monitor. 
Click the [Camera] menu in the RemoteCapture Task window and select [Camera 
Display Settings].
Select [Camera LCD monitor] and click [OK]. 
Click the 
 icon in the RemoteCapture Task window. 
Selecting [Computer only] in the "Save Images On" category allows you 
to shoot when there is no memory card in the camera or when the 
camera's memory card is full.
You can display the subject on a TV connected to the camera by selecting 
[Video Out terminal] in Step 2. See the Camera User Guide for 
instructions to connect the camera to a TV.