Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Using the Software on the Macintosh 
Platform – The Basics
This chapter explains the procedures for using ImageBrowser to download the camera's images 
to the computer and print them.
Read this chapter after completing the preparations in the Using the Software on the 
Macintosh Platform 
 Preparations section. 
Starting ImageBrowser
Begin by starting up ImageBrowser. The startup procedures vary according to whether you are 
connecting the camera to the computer or using a memory card reader. 
Camera to Computer Connection
Mac OS X
Attach the supplied interface cable to the computer’s USB port and the camera’s 
Digital Terminal. Prepare the camera for communication with the computer. 
iPhoto or Image Capture will automatically start when the camera and computer are 
ready to connect. If either of these programs does not start, proceed to Step 3.
 at the upper left of the iPhoto or Image Capture window to close it.
Double-click the [Canon ImageBrowser] icon on the desktop. 
If the Canon ImageBrowser icon does not appear on the desktop, 
double-click the [Canon Utilities] folder on the drive on which the 
program was installed, followed by the [ImageBrowser] folder and 
[ImageBrowser] icon.
Click [Canon Camera] in the Explorer 
View section.
The Communication Settings dialog will 
display. This dialog will only appear the first 
time the camera is connected. 
Procedures for attaching the camera to the computer and placing it in 
the correct mode for connecting vary between camera models. See 
Information about Your Camera (p. 92). 
Explorer View Section