Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Starting ImageBrowser
Next, download images to the computer (p. 56).
What to Do the Next Time ImageBrowser is Started 
A dialog with the previously selected automated settings will display the next time you 
start ImageBrowser. To use these settings unchanged, click the [Start] button. To do 
nothing, click [Cancel]. To change the settings, click [Settings change].
How to Set ImageBrowser to Not Start Automatically
1. Click the Apple menu 
 and select [Control Panels] and [Canon ImageBrowser 
Auto Launch].
The Settings for USB Connection dialog will display.
2. Click [The application program below will start] to clear the check mark.
3. Click the close box 
 at the upper left to close the window.
To change the settings, click [Settings Change] and select the desired action in 
the ImageBrowser Automation Wizard dialog and click [OK].
Click here to close the window.
Clear the check mark here to 
stop ImageBrowser from 
starting automatically.