Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Downloading Images to the Computer
Click [Download].
The downloaded images will copy to the folder created in Creating a Folder to Receive 
Downloaded Images
, and appear in the Browser Area.
Continue by printing out an image.
• You can also download images to the computer by dragging them from 
the Camera Window and dropping them on the Browser Area or the 
Explorer View Section.
• To close the connection to the camera, click the close box 
 (Mac OS 9) 
or the red close box 
 (Mac OS X) at the top left of the Camera 
• Your camera uses a standard image transfer protocol called the Picture 
Transfer Protocol (PTP). With the PTP protocol and Mac OS X, you can 
easily download images by connecting the camera to the computer with 
an interface cable and using the software preinstalled on your 
operating system, such as iPhoto and Image Capture. (You do not even 
need to install ImageBrowser.) However, there are some inconveniences 
and limitations to this downloading method. See the For Windows
and Mac OS X Users leaflet for details. 
The movie icon 
displays on movie 
Browser Area
RAW will appear 
beneath the thumbnails 
of RAW format images.