Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Click the [2. Save] tab, set the file 
format and destination, and then click 
Select [All Images] or [Checked Images] 
(images checked in the main window) to 
apply the common conversion settings.
Select a file format
Set the file destination
You can also change the image file name
This will convert the image.
Click the [3. Exit] tab and click [OK].
Functions of the Image Quality Adjustment Window
The following adjustments can be made in the Image Quality Adjustment Window.
You can change the coloration of the image to your preferred settings when 
you convert a RAW image. You can also select preset color schemes, such as 
Positive Film. Furthermore, you can add your own color schemes (My Color) to 
apply to other RAW images when they are being converted. See the PDF 
manual for ImageBrowser for more information (p. 2).
This section adjusts the 
white balance according 
to the light source and 
color temperature.
This section adjusts the 
digital exposure, photo 
effect, contrast, 
sharpness, and saturation.
The effect of the settings 
above can be viewed 
immediately if you place a 
check mark here.
Tone Curve Tab
You can set the levels for 
the RGB channels 
separately or together.
Advanced Adjustments 
You can set the settings 
for adaptive noise 
control, false color filter 
and the color space for 
the output. (Click the 
arrow to display the tab)
If you cannot set the 
desired setting with the 
slider on the left, 
directly enter the setting 
Applies the settings to 
the displayed image
Restores all settings to the 
settings stored in the 
camera at the time of