Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Enjoy Customizing Your Camera with the My Camera Settings
The My Camera Window
ImageBrowser already contains several pre-recorded My Camera Settings items. You can check 
these items with the My Camera window
Saving the My Camera Settings to the Camera
You can add new files as My Camera Settings to the My Camera window. See 
Adding New Data to the My Camera Window (p. 73). 
• My Camera Settings can be selected and saved in either of two ways to the 
camera: individually or in theme sets. 
•The “Animal” theme, for example, features an animal in the start-up image 
and animal calls in each of the sound files. The names of the prepared files 
for the various My Camera Settings themes all begin with the same root 
name, such as “Animal~”. For example, the start-up image that starts with 
“Animal~” shows an animal picture while the similarly named sound files 
feature animal sounds.
Do not detach the interface cable, turn the camera power off or disconnect 
the camera from the computer while the My Camera Settings are being saved 
to the camera or the settings from the camera are being saved to the 
Select the settings type. 
Displays the list 
of settings files 
saved onto the 
Add Button
Adds the settings 
file to the list.
Play Button
Plays the audio from the 
selected settings file.
Send to Trash Button
Deletes a settings file 
from the computer.
Save to Camera Button
Click here to save the 
settings onto the 
Delete Button
Deletes a settings 
file from the 
Displays the 
settings in the 
Play Button 
Plays the audio from 
the settings file in the 
Save to Camera
Save to Computer