Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Enjoy Customizing Your Camera with the My Camera Settings
Add an Original Sound File
Use a program such as ArcSoft VideoImpression to change the file format to the WAV format 
after you have copied the sound file. Then proceed with the steps as described in Create an 
Original Start-up Image File and then Add It
• With Mac OS 9, you can use the standard-issue SimpleSound program to 
record a sound file.
• Record the sound as an 11.025 kHz or 8.000 kHz, 8 bit, mono sound in 
the WAV format. The following chart shows standard time lengths for 
My Camera Sounds.
Duration in Seconds
11.025 kHz
8.000 kHz
Start-Up Sound
1.0 sec. or less
1.3 sec. or less
Shutter Sound
0.3 sec. or less
0.4 sec. or less
Operation Sound
0.3 sec. or less
0.4 sec. or less
Self-Timer Sound
2.0 sec. or less
2.0 sec. or less