Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Uninstalling the Software
The procedures for uninstalling the software are only required when you wish to delete the 
programs from your computer or when reinstallation is required to fix corrupted files.
Uninstalling the Software (Windows)
Software Installed from the Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk 
This explanation uses ZoomBrowser EX to demonstrate how to uninstall a program.
Click the Windows [Start] menu and 
select [Programs] or [All Programs], 
followed by [Canon Utilities], 
[ZoomBrowser EX] and [ZoomBrowser 
EX Uninstall].
The uninstall utility will start and remove 
ZoomBrowser EX.
Uninstalling the Other Supplied Programs
ArcSoft PhotoStudio, PhotoImpression and VideoImpression 
Uninstall these programs by clicking the Windows [Start] menu and selecting [Programs] or 
[All Programs], followed by [ArcSoft Camera Suite] and [Uninstall].
Uninstalling the USB Driver (Windows 2000,Windows Me, and Windows 
98 only)
Use the following procedures to uninstall the USB driver.
• You can remove other programs with the same procedures. 
• PhotoRecord can be uninstalled by clicking the Windows [Start] menu 
and selecting [Programs] or [All Programs], followed by [Canon 
PhotoRecord] and [PhotoRecord Uninstall].
It is essential to note that you will not be able to download images if you 
uninstall the USB driver.
You do not need to uninstall the USB driver with Windows XP.