Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Windows 2000/Windows 98
Select your camera model name or [Canon Camera] and click [Remove].
Windows Me
Select your camera model name or [Canon Camera], right-click the mouse and select 
Click the Windows [Start] menu and select [Programs] or [All Programs], followed 
by [Canon Utilities], [Camera TWAIN Driver x.x] and [Uninstall TWAIN Driver]. (A 
version number appears in place of the “x.x”.)
• Windows 2000, Windows 98: Perform Step 6 with no substitutions.
• Windows Me: Substitute the following for the underlined portions of Step 6.
[Camera WIA Driver x.x], [Uninstall WIA Driver] 
The uninstall process will start.
To connect the camera to the computer and download after this point, use the following 
1. Reinstall the driver.
2. Connect the camera to the computer with the interface cable. 
Uninstalling the Software (Macintosh)
Uninstall the programs by dragging the application’s folder (the folder in which it was installed) 
into the Trash, and then empty the Trash.
If your camera model name does not appear here, see the Camera not 
detected, Events dialog won’t display or images will not download to the 
 (p. 84) of the Troubleshooting section.
Please be careful not to accidentally delete any folders with downloaded 
images that may be contained within the application folder.