Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

8. Find and delete the [Drvdata.bin] and [Drvidx.bin] files.
9. In the [Inf] folder, double-click the [Other] folder to open it.
10. Find and delete the [Canon.IncCAP_xxx.Inf] file. (The xxx 
represents numerals.)
<Reinstall the driver>
If the [Inf] Folder Is Not Visible in the [Windows] Folder
Use the following procedures to show all files and folders.
1. Windows 98: Click the [View] menu and select [Folder Options]. 
Windows Me: Click the [Tools] menu and select [Folder Options].
2. Click the [View] tab.
3. Windows 98: Set the [Hide files] section to [Show all files].
Windows Me: Set the [Hidden files and folders] section to [Show hidden files and 
4. Click [OK] to close the dialog.
This will make the hidden files and folders visible.
You do not need to delete anything if none of the above files are 
contained in the [Other] folder.
The [Inf] folder contains numerous files critical to the computer’s 
operation. Be extremely careful to delete the correct files. If you delete 
the wrong files, you may be unable to restart Windows.