Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

11.Reinstall the driver with the procedures in Installing the Software and USB 
Driver (p. 10).
“Server Busy” Displays During Image Download
Use the following procedures if a window similar to the one below appeared when you 
downloaded images with ZoomBrowser EX running on Windows XP.
1. Click [Retry].
If this screen appears again, click 
[Retry] until it disappears.
Zooming Images in ZoomBrowser EX is Slow or Not Working
Some graphics cards or settings may cause the display of zoomed images in ZoomBrowser EX 
to slow down or malfunction. If this occurs, set your computer display's Hardware acceleration 
setting to a lower setting. 
1. Click the Windows [Start] menu, followed by [Control Panel] and 
[Appearance and Themes].
With Windows 2000, Windows Me, or Windows 98, click the [Start] menu 
and select [Settings], followed by [Control Panel]. 
2. Click the [Display] icon, followed by the [Settings] tab, [Advanced] button and 
[Troubleshoot] tab.
With Windows 2000, click the [Display] icon, followed by the [Settings] tab, 
[Advanced] button and [Troubleshoot] tab.
With Windows Me or Windows 98, click the [Display] icon, followed by the 
[Settings] tab, [Advanced] button and [Performance] tab.
3. Set the [Hardware acceleration] to a setting below [Full] and click [OK].
4. Restart the computer if prompted.