Canon PowerShot S1 IS User Manual (en)

Connecting the Camera to a Computer
Item to Prepare
• Your camera and computer
• Canon Digital Camera Solution Disk
• Interface cable supplied with the camera
See the page (pp. 94 - 100) for your specific model for information about connecting the 
camera to the computer.
Ensure that you have installed the software from the supplied Canon Digital 
Camera Solution Disk before you connect the camera to the computer. 
• Use the interface cable to attach the camera directly to a USB port on the 
computer, not through a USB hub. The connection may not operate correctly 
through a USB hub.
• The connection may not operate correctly if you are using other USB devices, 
excluding USB mice or keyboards, at the same time as the camera. If this 
occurs, disconnect the other devices from the computer and try reconnecting 
the camera.
• Do not connect two or more cameras at the same time to the same computer 
via the USB interface. The connections may not operate correctly.
• Never allow the computer to go into standby (sleep) mode while a camera is 
connected via the USB interface. If it does happen, never disconnect the 
interface cable. Try to awaken the computer with the camera in the 
connected state. Some computers will not awaken properly if you disconnect 
the camera while they are in standby (sleep) mode. Please refer to your 
computer manual for instructions regarding the standby (sleep) mode.
You are recommended to power the camera from a household power source 
(AC adapter) when connecting to a computer (if available for your camera 
model). Ensure that you use fully charged batteries if you will not be using a 
household power source.