Canon PowerShot SD400 Manual (en)

Converting RAW Images
Converting RAW Images
RAW images are extremely high-quality images that are not subject to any deterioration due to 
compression processing. Since they are a special type of image, they cannot be opened by 
many image editing programs. It is first necessary to convert them into standard image files.
Procedures for Converting RAW Images
Select a RAW image in ZoomBrowser EX’s Browser Area. 
Click [Edit], followed by [Process RAW Images].
Click [OK] when a window displaying procedures for converting and adjusting RAW 
images appears.
The Main Window, the Navigator window and the Image Quality Adjustment Window 
will display.
Adjust the image quality as required in the Image Quality Adjustment Window.
This window is explained in the Functions of the Image Quality Adjustment Window
section (p. 39).
• See Information about Your Camera (p. 95) to determine whether your 
camera model supports this function.
• See the Camera User Guide for information about the camera settings for 
shooting RAW images.
If the navigator window does not display, click the [View] menu and 
select [Show Navigator].
Main Window
Use the buttons here to switch 
between images and display 
modes, rotate images, and set 
the conversion parameters.
Check Mark
Navigator Widow
When the preview 
image in the main 
window is zoomed, 
you can change the 
portion shown in the 
preview by clicking 
and dragging this red