Canon PowerShot SD400 Manual (en)

Downloading Images to the Computer
Attach the supplied interface cable to the computer’s USB port and the camera’s 
DIGITAL Terminal. Prepare the camera for communication with the computer. 
The Camera Control Window will appear.
Double-click the [Canon CameraWindow] icon on the desktop if it does not appear. 
Download images.
Download the images using the camera or 
the computer. By default, the downloaded 
images are saved into the [Pictures] folder.
Camera Control Window
You can adjust the settings, such as the type 
of image downloaded and the destination 
folder, by clicking [Preferences]. 
ImageBrowser Auto Start Settings – OS X (v10.1)
1. Start Image Capture and select [Other] from the Hot Plug Action list box.
2. Select [CameraWindow] in the program selection window.
CameraWindow is generally installed into the folder opened by selecting the 
[Applications], [Canon Utilities] and [CameraWindow] folders. 
3. Close Image Capture.
Procedures for attaching the camera to the computer and placing it in 
the correct mode for connecting vary between camera models. See 
Information about Your Camera (p. 95).