Canon PowerShot SD400 Manual (en)

If You Were Using ZoomBrowser EX Version 2 or 3
Take the following steps if you were using ZoomBrowser EX version 2 or 3 with Windows.
If Titles and Comments Were Attached to Your Images.
Take the following steps to display in version 5 the titles and comments you 
input in version 2/3.
1. Use Windows Explorer to open the [Program] folder within the folder in 
which you installed ZoomBrowser EX 5. 
(e.g. C:\Program Files\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX\Program)
2. Double-click [dbconverter.exe] found in this folder to start this utility.
3. Select the database file you were using up to this point and click the [Start] 
(e.g. C:\Program Files\Canon\ZoomBrowser EX\Database\My Database.zbd)
This will display the titles and comments input in the earlier versions in the 
comments section of ZoomBrowser EX 5.
If You Had Images in a Folder Below the Program Files Folder
Image files in the [Program Files] folder or a subfolder cannot be displayed in 
ZoomBrowser EX 5 from that location. To display these files, first perform steps 
1-3 above and then carry on with Step 4.
4. Use Windows Explorer to copy the folder and the images it contains from the 
[Program Files] folder to another folder.
(e.g. Copy the image folders in C:\Program Files\Canon\ZoomBrowser 
EX\Library One to another location.)
The moved folder images can now be selected and displayed with 
ZoomBrowser EX 5.