Canon PowerShot SD200 Manual (en)

Functions Selected from Menus
Search Images: [File] menu, [Search]
Searches images by criteria such as Star Rating, dates, keywords, comments.
Export Images: [File] menu, [Export Images]
•Edit and Save: allows you to change the file format or size and export the file.
•Export Shooting Properties: allows you to export the shooting properties as a text file.
•Export as a Screensaver: Exports the image as a screen saver file.
•Export an Image as Wallpaper: Exports the image as a wallpaper file.
Organize Images: [File] menu, [Organize Image]
•Sort Images: sorts images according to criteria such as the shooting date and time or Star 
Rating and saves them into a specified folder.
•Rename: changes the files names of multiple images in a single pass.
Convert RAW Images: [File] menu, [RAW image processing]
Converts RAW format images into the TIFF or JPEG formats. You can adjust the image 
brightness, contrast and color balance among other attributes during conversion (p. 70).
Merge Panoramas: [Edit] menu, [PhotoStitch]
Merges multiple images and creates a single large panoramic image (p. 75).
Edit Movies: [Edit] menu, [Movie Edit]
Edits movies or still images strung together. You can add titles or background music and 
apply various effects (p. 69).
Display Settings: [View] menu, [View Settings]
Hides or shows image information beneath the thumbnail, such as the file name or the 
shooting date and time.
Sort Images: [View] menu, [Sort]
Arranges image order in the Browser Area according to criteria such as the filename, file 
modification date, file size or shooting date.