Canon VB-C300 Specification Guide (en)

Architect & Engineer Specification 
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Bid Spec 
1.0  Description 
Network camera should be of Pan/Tilt/Zoom type. The network camera shall have an ultra wide-
angle lens. It shall be Power over Ethernet. Lens should have auto focus with entire image in 
focus. The network camera should be VGA resolution and have Motion-JPEG compression at up 
to 30 frames per second. Network camera shall have a high-sensitivity progressive scan CCD – 
smooth color images in very low light conditions. Camera should have auto day/night mode and 
simultaneous two-way audio. 
2.0  Bid Specification 
a.  The network camera shall use a genuine Canon wide-angle lens with a horizontal field of 
view of 70ْ  and a vertical field of view of 51°.   
b.  Should have Pan (340°), Tilt (115°), and Zoom (2.4x Optical, 4x Digital).    
c.  Shall be capable of Power over Ethernet (PoE) power supply via LAN Connector 
(IEEE802.3af compliant). 
d.  Lens should have instant auto focus throughout image. 
e.  Video compression should be MJPEG. 
f.  Frame rate should be up to 30 fps even in 1 lux light. 
g.  Network camera should have three selectable resolutions of 640 x 480, 320 x 240, and 
160 x 120. 
h.  Should have high-sensitivity progressive scan CCD. 
i.  Camera should have auto Day/Night switching mode with IR cut filter removal. 
j.  Shall have full-duplex two-way audio, G.711 µ-law (64kbps). 
k.  Shall have 20 presets for different angle views to be saved. 
l.  Should allow up to 15 users to access network camera simultaneously. 
Image Adjustments 
a.  Network camera shall have auto focus and manual focus.    
b.  Network camera shall have auto white balance and manual white balance controls. 
c.  White balance shall have selectable light sources, ie. Mercury, Sodium, Florescent, 
d.  Network camera shall have manual settings for image quality. 
e.  Network camera shall have auto exposure and manual exposure controls. 
User Friendly Features: 
a.  Network camera shall have auto MAC address detection upon plugging in power. 
b.  Network camera shall have auto power detection when using PoE, 24V AC, or 12V DC. 
c.  Network camera shall have panorama tool to allow for ease of quickly viewing a particular 
d.  Network camera shall allow date, time, presets, and panorama settings to be stored on 
board camera. 
e.  Network camera shall be capable of being powered over Ethernet.  
f.  Network camera shall keep all points of image in focus at all times.  
g.  Network camera shall Pan at a speed of 90 degrees per second and Tilt at a speed of 70 
degrees per second. 
Inputs and Outputs: 
a.  Network camera shall have 1 LAN port (RJ45, 100Base-TX/10Base-T auto negotiation) 
b.  Network camera shall have Audio IN/Out: 3.5 monaural mini-jacks. IN: connection to a 
microphone with amp and line output x 1. OUT: connection to a speaker with amp x 1. 
c.  Network camera shall have 1 Video Out, 3.5 monaural mini-jack. Video composite signal 
output from network camera x 1. 
d.  Network camera shall have External device I/O: input x 2, output x 1. 
e.  Network camera shall have port for optional AC Adapter. 
f.  Network camera shall have optional DC power input.