Sony Alpha 230 User Manual (en)

To check the remaining battery level
Set the power switch to ON and check the level on the LCD monitor.
What is an “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack?
An “InfoLITHIUM” battery pack is a lithium-ion battery pack that has 
functions for exchanging information related to operating conditions with 
your camera.
• The displayed level may not be correct under certain circumstances.
• Do not expose the battery pack to water. The battery pack is not water-resistant.
• Do not leave the battery pack in extremely hot places, such as in a car or under direct 
Available battery packs
Only an NP-FH50 battery pack can be used with the camera. Note that the 
NP-FH30 and NP-FH40 cannot be used.
Effective use of the battery pack
• Battery performance decreases in low temperature surroundings. So, the 
time that the battery pack can be used is shorter in cold places and the 
speed of continuous shooting slows down. We recommend that you put 
the battery pack in a pocket close to your body to warm it up, and insert it 
in your camera immediately before you start shooting.
• The battery pack will run out quickly if you use the flash frequently, use 
continuous shooting often, or turn the camera on and off frequently.
Battery life
• The battery life is limited. Battery capacity decreases little by little as you 
use it more and more, and as time passes. If the battery operating time 
seems shortened considerably, a probable cause is that the battery pack 
has reached the end of its life. Buy a new battery pack.
• The battery life varies according to how it is stored and the operating 
conditions and environment in which each battery pack is used.
Battery level
You cannot shoot 
any more pictures.