Sony cyber-shot dsc-t9 User Manual (en)

On the battery charger
On the battery charger
• Do not charge any other battery pack except 
Sony “InfoLITHIUM” battery packs in the 
battery charger supplied with your camera. 
Batteries other than the specified kind may leak, 
overheat, or explode if you attempt to charge 
them, posing a risk of injury from electrocution 
and burns.
• Remove the charged battery pack from the 
battery charger. If you keep charging it, there is 
a danger of leaks, excessive heat, explosions, or 
electric shock.
• When the CHARGE lamp flashes, this may 
indicate a battery error or that a battery pack 
other than the specified type have been inserted. 
Check that the battery pack is the specified type. 
If the battery pack is the specified type, remove 
the battery pack, replace it with new one or 
another one and check if the battery charger 
operates correctly. If the battery charger 
operates correctly, a battery error may have 
• If the battery charger is dirty, charging may not 
be performed successfully. Clean the battery 
charger with dry cloth, etc.