Sony cyber-shot dsc-t9 User Manual (en)

Battery life and number of images that can be 
The tables show the approximate number of 
images that can be recorded/viewed and the 
battery life when you shoot images in 
[Normal] mode with the battery pack 
(supplied) at full capacity and at an ambient 
temperature of 25°C (77°F). The numbers 
of images that can be recorded or viewed 
take into account changing the “Memory 
Stick Duo” as necessary.
Note that the actual numbers may be less 
than those indicated depending on the 
conditions of use.
• The battery capacity decreases as the number of 
uses increases and also over time (page 99).
• The number of images that can be recorded/
viewed and the battery life are decreased under 
the following conditions:
– The surrounding temperature is low.
– The flash is used frequently.
– The camera has been turned on and off many 
– The zoom is used frequently.
– The brightness of LCD Backlight is set to up.
– [AF Mode] is set to [Monitor].
– [STEADY SHOT] is set to [Continuous].
– The battery power is low.
When shooting still images
• Shooting in the following situations:
 (P.Quality) is set to [Fine].
– [AF Mode] is set to [Single].
– [STEADY SHOT] is set to [Shooting].
– Shooting once every 30 seconds.
– The zoom is switched alternately between the 
W and T ends.
– The flash strobes once every two times.
– The power turns on and off once every ten 
• The measurement method is based on the CIPA 
(CIPA: Camera & Imaging Products 
• The number of shooting images/battery life does 
not change, regardless of image size.
When viewing still images
• Viewing single images in order at about three 
second intervals
When shooting movies
• Shooting movies continuously with an image 
size of [160]
No. of images
Battery life (min.)
Approx. 240
Approx. 120
No. of images
Battery life (min.)
Approx. 3800
Approx. 190
Battery life (min.)
Approx. 100