Sony cyber-shot dsc-t9 User Manual (en)

Enable printer to connect
[USB Connect] is set to [PictBridge], 
however the camera is connected to a 
non-PictBridge compliant device. 
Check the device.
The connection is not established. 
Disconnect and connect the cable for 
multi-use terminal again. If an error 
message is indicated on the printer, refer 
to the operating instructions supplied 
with the printer.
Connect to PictBridge device
You tried to print images before the 
printer connection was established. 
Connect to a PictBridge compliant 
No printable image
You tried to execute [DPOF image] 
without placing a DPOF (Print order) 
mark on the image(s).
You tried to execute [All In This Folder] 
while a folder that holds only movies 
was selected. You cannot print movies.
Printer busy
Paper error
No Paper
Ink error
Low Ink
No Ink
Check the printer.
Printer error
Check the printer.
Check if the image you want to print is 
The data transmission to the printer may 
not be completed yet. Do not disconnect 
the cable for multi-use terminal.
The printer is canceling the current print 
job. You cannot print until it is finished. 
This may take time, depending on the 
No image for Slide Show
The selected folder does not contain a 
file that can be played in a Slide Show 
with music.
Music Error
Delete the Music file, or replace it with 
a normal Music file.
Execute [Format Music], then download 
a new Music files.
Format Music Error
Execute [Format Music].